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Working at PNDC

PNDC benefits from diverse and internationally represented management, research and technical teams, combining a wealth of ideas and global expertise and ensuring that we consider the international reach and application of projects undertaken.

Our members deal directly with our team of skilled research engineers and the wider University of Strathclyde academic teams to realise their objectives.

See our current vacancies for exciting opportunities to join the team or get in touch to register your interest in working at PNDC.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion are fundamental principles of PNDC. Our dynamic team reflects the multiformity of ideas, opinions, knowledge and people, both nationally and globally, as we work towards our shared commitment to achieving a net-zero energy future.

Han Xu, Research & Development Engineer at PNDC:
“The environment and the opportunities at PNDC. PNDC has a friendly and diverse team with people from different cultural backgrounds. It also has a lot of opportunities to be involved in projects for developing new technology.”

Photo of Han Xu


Photo of Ryan Sims

Ryan Sims, Research & Development Lead at PNDC:
“The PNDC team really is the friendliest and most supportive you could ask for. It’s a large contributor to why it is such a great place to research, test and demonstrate innovative ideas. I enjoy working closely with our members and all the innovative companies that come through the centre. Their insights and market knowledge are a great resource for our work.”


Kathleen Goldie, Proposals and Funding Manager at PNDC:
“I really enjoy working with a team and in an environment that has the potential to be a significant enabler for the UK (and the world’s) energy transition. I like the variety in my role for the work we do over several sectors including marine, aerospace and energy, to name a few. I love the people at PNDC, a fantastic and diverse bunch of personalities and skillsets.”

Photo of Kathleen Goldie


Photo of Yahya Naderi

Yahya Naderi, Research & Development Engineer at PNDC:
“I really appreciate the friendly environment that we have here at PNDC, a group of researchers with different expertise, all working towards a common aim. The collaboration between academia and industry is another outstanding feature of working at PNDC.”

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