Current Vacancies

  • Dr Jacqueline Redmond and Dr Priya Bhagavathy at All Energy 2022
  • Featuring PNDC's Behnam Feizifar working alongside David Fellner from the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH and accessing PNDC through the ERIGrid 2.0 project

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The University of Strathclyde is a multi-award-winning leading international technological university and PNDC is a unique innovation environment supporting the development, de-risking and acceleration of whole energy system solutions and services.

PNDC brings together academics, industrial organisations, and technologists to define and execute pre-commercial research, development, testing and demonstration projects to shape energy system innovation.

With its focus on accelerating innovation in the mid-to-late technology readiness levels (TRL), PNDC delivers accelerated technology and system validation using its flexible real-world demonstration environment. PNDC is undertaking significant capability enhancement and facilities expansion that will further develop its ability to support whole systems validation capability, incorporating heat, hydrogen, net zero mobility and the electrification of transport.

PNDC is comprised of diverse and internationally represented management, research and technical teams, bringing together a wealth of ideas and global expertise. Find out more about working at PNDC and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for notifications on future vacancies and the latest news from PNDC.

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